Lot of Sewing, No finishes, and Few Pictures…


I took my Zen Doodle class at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum with Laura Wasilewski. What a treat! More than anything, I learned a lot of things about applique. For a few years I had worked for a company where I marked the fabric, cut the pieces and placed them to be appliqued. The techniques were different, as much of that was for garments, and this class was more about art quilts. I learned everyday practical stuff for working on my own applique projects.

We started our class with a couple of pieces of her beautiful hand dyed fabrics. These were great fun to work with. She showed us her methods of putting the applique together and transferring a design to make our pattern pieces. The creations were of our own design, even though she has quite a library of patterns.

My piece started out here…


and after some playtime on the next day, this is where I ended up…


Since then I have fused this to a background and have started embroidery with some of Laura’s hand dyed threads.  It has been awhile since I embroidered anything, so I purchased a book by Christen Brown with numerous stitches for my Kindle..

This last Saturday was the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend. I was quite excited to get there, but faced a bit of a delay on the icy winter roads. What you don’t see is that next to that pole by the driver’s side door is the culvert (with a 2-3 foot drop) that I missed! Grateful am I! No damage to me or the car.


When you live in the country, generally there are a lot of pick up trucks with chains, and I was fortunate enough to be rescued by a neighbor rather quickly, and wasn’t too late getting to the quilt show! Of course I went!

Of course a few treasures went home with me… fabrics that called out, backing for a baby quilt, a pincushion tuffet kit, and technique sheets for my Studio 180 Lemoyne Star template. It was great fun to run into friends and fellow guild members.

Sewing on, Pam


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