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Scrapping Continues


This bin….


Hasn’t gone down very much! I have made 50  six inch squares with scraps and the bin doesn’t even look like it has been touched!! I posted about this just the other day here… I used this book

by Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilts as my inspiration, along with the associated templates.

The good thing about making up a quilt as you go is that you can decide when you have done enough of  something.

I have no set size in mind for this quilt. It could end up as a throw, or perhaps bigger. 50 squares was enough for me. Now I have gone back and am adding another row of neutrals in whites and off whites to border each square. So, I started by putting together scraps, then cut into 4 1/2″ squares using my template. Again from scraps, I cut 2 – 3 1/2″ squares which were then cut diagonally and sewn on around the original block. Those squares end up at about 6 inches. Now, I am taking a variety of neutrals and have cut out 100 4 1/2″ blocks. Cut diagonally. Now I am sewing these around the 6″ blocks.

Will this be too stark for me? Maybe. I may have to border this with either a busy border, or a pieced border. Time and my mood will tell.

Next week a very special and very little girl and I will meet. I will have something special to greet her with… this was the beginning of it…

Just a sneak peek for now…



Of babies, technology, scraps and such…


This Little Bit of Cuteness came into the world a week ago!

My newest Granddaughter! She is already home and I can’t wait to go and visit her!! Of course there is a quilt for her.. but that will be a story for next week.  I have been busy getting ready to meet this cutie!!

Technology… has kicked my butt this week! computers, ipods, external hard drives and more… Three trips have been made to the Apple Store! Old computer… still good, just had a software issue. New ipod… struggle to get the old music all added. Ya see, like most people before everything was downloaded… we bought CD’s. All of that was added to the original computer and then ipod. Well.. that will not just transfer over. That brings in an external hard drive that things were backed up on to, but the computer won’t recognize it.. Sunday was a full day of that! And I still don’t have things solved. Big sigh… When you mention the word CD or DVD.. the people at the Apple Store look at you as if you have a third eye! Really! I had an issue where my CD of pdfs for quilting patterns was stuck in the computer I could not start, and when I told the technician at the store of this.. she tried to tell me that all patterns were now downloadable and hadn’t I ever heard of Etsy? Nope, just looked, the patterns I had stuck in the CD/DVD drive are still sent out on a CD! I could go on about arrogance and ageism…

Stress relief… After a good part of a day spent doing the above, I needed therapy. For me, that means this..

Scraps! Scraps! and More Scraps!

An overflowing scrap bin!!

Step One: Just start sewing scraps together! No rhyme or reason… just sew! I don’t tend to think too much at all about the colors I am sewing together, I tend to use like sizes of scraps. I chain sew a few pieces together, then add more to each section until I have a size that will accommodate my template

Step Two: Find a template and start cutting out a desired shape. Try the template on the piece in various directions. Wonky is good especially if most of your sewn scraps are straight pieces. Cut it out, and use any remaining pieces that are a decent size back in Step One.

Step Three: Unify! All the colors and patterns sometimes need to be reeled in. I took larger scraps to cut 1/2 square triangles and surrounded the piece I had cut out using the template.

Here’s what I have so far:

For my template: I used a small book and templates by Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilts in Ripon, Wisconsin. She has a scrap system for making quilts based on her 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, and 5 1/2″ templates. Her book has a wealth of information, and her templates are also available for purchase.

Where do I go from here with these? My plan is to then go into my stash, as my scrap bin no longer works for what I will need. I will look for something that has 2 to 3 yards, and will either find a pattern that calls out to me, or go with a solid. A sea of dots would work, nothing that is too direction specific. OR, I could use a scrappy light background. I will most likely add another round of 1/2 square triangles around each block that are all cut from this one fabric.

Till Later!







A Promise of Spring…


We spotted this big robin the other day…

Makes me think of getting ready to plant things and get back to doing some outside projects!

Things were busy last fall with outside projects. But once winter weather set in, progress stopped.

Paint will be picked out, columns will be installed, landscaping and container vegetable gardens to plant…

And perhaps there will be some work done on the She Shed.. I hope so..

Fun to think ahead to warmer days…

Enjoy the day, and plan for spring!


Plenty Going On!


There is always plenty going on in my world… never dull for sure! The husband and I have a routine every morning.. Early risers we are! Alarms generally start going off at 4 a.m. The two of us make the bed – pulling back the sheets and 2 quilts that keep us warm all night. Every time we go in to work together, this is our practice. The bed had never been left unmade by the two of us when we have left the house for work in the 14 years we have been in our home.

So, we have been busy, and perhaps a bit more tired than usual. But, neither one of us heard alarm clocks this morning! 5 minutes after we were supposed to leave the house is when we woke up! Yikes. We have never done this before!

Crumpled quilts will be waiting for us! They did not get pulled up into place! These pillows did not get put up on the bed:

The pillows were a recent finish that came mostly from the scrap bin!

The good news is that we managed to get ourselves together, gather lunches and feed the animals before leaving. And, nobody was late!

Last Saturday there was a last minute trip to Racine to the Sew n’ Save. Luanne had something to pick up, and I most readily agreed to go along when she asked.  A few treasures came home to live in my stash. Necessary? Not so much! Do I have a plan for them? Absolutely not!

Then there was this cute block to hold my Clover Thread Cutter –

And a pin for my collection..


Here’s to lots of coffee today!



Thoughts on Scraps!


So, last Saturday was our monthly sewing day. The second one! A few less attendees and one new addition. Everyone has such different projects that they are working on. Some of us are trying to finish things. You know, the “I shoulds”

Ladies worked on crochet, baby items, St. Patrick’s Day items, and some “I shoulds”.

The conversation is always on a variety of topics. Some quiet separate conversations and some group conversation. Well, somehow the topic became “scraps”. One of my personal favorites! I see a whole world of possibilities when I see a bin of scraps!! The wheels start turning. I don’t keep every tiny little scrap, but I do keep what a lot of people would throw away! Luanne throws stuff away that I would certainly keep! And yes, I have taken some of her scrap out of my garbage – and used it in a few projects.

One of the women had a different take…. she said she used to save everything, because she thought she should. The half square triangles that were cut off, and all the other left over bits. Then one day, she got rid of them, and for her it was very freeing! Perhaps it held her back from what she really enjoyed about the process.

So, that comment sparked something in me… For me, the scraps are freeing. They are a buffet of inspiration. How can I give this neglected bit a place? It still has beauty. This isn’t about being frugal, or feeling like I have to keep these…  it is my way. I like taking the unused half square triangles and combining them with other orphan blocks. I like to sew the little bits together randomly – without too much thought, and then cut them into a shape with one of my templates. That brings order to what others think might be chaos. It is simply the way that quilting brings me the greatest Joy!

So, back to the “I shoulds”…. I have a few. These are projects that are basically block assembly line kind of pieces. They become drudgery for me. At the last couple of  Saturday sewing sessions, I have brought along the “I shoulds”. Meh! Perhaps, the “I shoulds” are the very things that I need to let go of to feel more free in my quilting journey! I need to start looking at some of these unfinished pieces that are holding me back from enjoying the quilting process differently and more fully. Perhaps some of these things need to move forward to someone else to fulfill their purpose.

What is holding you back in your quilting? What is your process? What would make you feel free to enjoy quilting more? We all have a different way we approach quilting, and we all quilt for different reasons. Some start a quilt and power on until the very end with it, and then start the next. Some have numerous quilts going on for long periods of time.

No matter, it should be enjoyable! I have some things to think on…

Scrap happiness for me…

Viva la Scraps!


Gathering Steam


Since my last post I have been busy on multiple projects.  It’s hard for me to have just one going on at a time. At our last Saturday Sewing group, (we really need to come up with a name for this group) I worked just a little on my Splendid Sampler.  To date these are the blocks I have finished. 

All of the blocks will finish at 6 inches and I really enjoy using different techniques.  I think the 100 blocks in this quilt will take me a long time, but I am enjoying the ride.

As Pam mentioned we went to a quilt show recently, and of course made some purchases.  One of the things we both purchased was a kit for making a tuffet pincushion. I have been wanting to make a full sized tuffet for a long time.  I bought the pattern a long time ago, but have not collected everything else I need to make it.  When we came across the pincushion tuffet I just had to make it right away.  

I can see making these as gifts.  It went together pretty quickly and I love the way it turned out. 

One of my goals this year is finish up as many UFOS as I can.  I dug into my bin of projects and came up with a twin sized quilt that was all cut and I had even started sewing it.  I dug right in and got at it. 

I can’t believe how quickly it is coming together!  This is the project I will bring to our sewing group this Saturday.   It is easy, so I can easily talk and not worry about not concentrating and losing my place.  It certainly does feel good to get some of these old projects out of the tote and have some finishes!

One last thing I worked on recently is a Block of the Month I joined.  It is wool applique and it only takes a few nights a month to accomplish each month.  This particular one is called Bringing Home the Tree by Buttermilk Basin Quilt Co.  I joined a group at Sew and Save in Racine, WI and go once a month to pick up my new block.  So far we have completed two blocks. 

The above picture shows the first block. And below is the second one that I just completed. 

That sums up my recent sewing activity.  I’ll keep you updated after sewing Saturday!