Gathering Steam


Since my last post I have been busy on multiple projects.  It’s hard for me to have just one going on at a time. At our last Saturday Sewing group, (we really need to come up with a name for this group) I worked just a little on my Splendid Sampler.  To date these are the blocks I have finished. 

All of the blocks will finish at 6 inches and I really enjoy using different techniques.  I think the 100 blocks in this quilt will take me a long time, but I am enjoying the ride.

As Pam mentioned we went to a quilt show recently, and of course made some purchases.  One of the things we both purchased was a kit for making a tuffet pincushion. I have been wanting to make a full sized tuffet for a long time.  I bought the pattern a long time ago, but have not collected everything else I need to make it.  When we came across the pincushion tuffet I just had to make it right away.  

I can see making these as gifts.  It went together pretty quickly and I love the way it turned out. 

One of my goals this year is finish up as many UFOS as I can.  I dug into my bin of projects and came up with a twin sized quilt that was all cut and I had even started sewing it.  I dug right in and got at it. 

I can’t believe how quickly it is coming together!  This is the project I will bring to our sewing group this Saturday.   It is easy, so I can easily talk and not worry about not concentrating and losing my place.  It certainly does feel good to get some of these old projects out of the tote and have some finishes!

One last thing I worked on recently is a Block of the Month I joined.  It is wool applique and it only takes a few nights a month to accomplish each month.  This particular one is called Bringing Home the Tree by Buttermilk Basin Quilt Co.  I joined a group at Sew and Save in Racine, WI and go once a month to pick up my new block.  So far we have completed two blocks. 

The above picture shows the first block. And below is the second one that I just completed. 

That sums up my recent sewing activity.  I’ll keep you updated after sewing Saturday!


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