Thoughts on Scraps!


So, last Saturday was our monthly sewing day. The second one! A few less attendees and one new addition. Everyone has such different projects that they are working on. Some of us are trying to finish things. You know, the “I shoulds”

Ladies worked on crochet, baby items, St. Patrick’s Day items, and some “I shoulds”.

The conversation is always on a variety of topics. Some quiet separate conversations and some group conversation. Well, somehow the topic became “scraps”. One of my personal favorites! I see a whole world of possibilities when I see a bin of scraps!! The wheels start turning. I don’t keep every tiny little scrap, but I do keep what a lot of people would throw away! Luanne throws stuff away that I would certainly keep! And yes, I have taken some of her scrap out of my garbage – and used it in a few projects.

One of the women had a different take…. she said she used to save everything, because she thought she should. The half square triangles that were cut off, and all the other left over bits. Then one day, she got rid of them, and for her it was very freeing! Perhaps it held her back from what she really enjoyed about the process.

So, that comment sparked something in me… For me, the scraps are freeing. They are a buffet of inspiration. How can I give this neglected bit a place? It still has beauty. This isn’t about being frugal, or feeling like I have to keep these…  it is my way. I like taking the unused half square triangles and combining them with other orphan blocks. I like to sew the little bits together randomly – without too much thought, and then cut them into a shape with one of my templates. That brings order to what others think might be chaos. It is simply the way that quilting brings me the greatest Joy!

So, back to the “I shoulds”…. I have a few. These are projects that are basically block assembly line kind of pieces. They become drudgery for me. At the last couple of  Saturday sewing sessions, I have brought along the “I shoulds”. Meh! Perhaps, the “I shoulds” are the very things that I need to let go of to feel more free in my quilting journey! I need to start looking at some of these unfinished pieces that are holding me back from enjoying the quilting process differently and more fully. Perhaps some of these things need to move forward to someone else to fulfill their purpose.

What is holding you back in your quilting? What is your process? What would make you feel free to enjoy quilting more? We all have a different way we approach quilting, and we all quilt for different reasons. Some start a quilt and power on until the very end with it, and then start the next. Some have numerous quilts going on for long periods of time.

No matter, it should be enjoyable! I have some things to think on…

Scrap happiness for me…

Viva la Scraps!


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