Of babies, technology, scraps and such…


This Little Bit of Cuteness came into the world a week ago!

My newest Granddaughter! She is already home and I can’t wait to go and visit her!! Of course there is a quilt for her.. but that will be a story for next week.  I have been busy getting ready to meet this cutie!!

Technology… has kicked my butt this week! computers, ipods, external hard drives and more… Three trips have been made to the Apple Store! Old computer… still good, just had a software issue. New ipod… struggle to get the old music all added. Ya see, like most people before everything was downloaded… we bought CD’s. All of that was added to the original computer and then ipod. Well.. that will not just transfer over. That brings in an external hard drive that things were backed up on to, but the computer won’t recognize it.. Sunday was a full day of that! And I still don’t have things solved. Big sigh… When you mention the word CD or DVD.. the people at the Apple Store look at you as if you have a third eye! Really! I had an issue where my CD of pdfs for quilting patterns was stuck in the computer I could not start, and when I told the technician at the store of this.. she tried to tell me that all patterns were now downloadable and hadn’t I ever heard of Etsy? Nope, just looked, the patterns I had stuck in the CD/DVD drive are still sent out on a CD! I could go on about arrogance and ageism…

Stress relief… After a good part of a day spent doing the above, I needed therapy. For me, that means this..

Scraps! Scraps! and More Scraps!

An overflowing scrap bin!!

Step One: Just start sewing scraps together! No rhyme or reason… just sew! I don’t tend to think too much at all about the colors I am sewing together, I tend to use like sizes of scraps. I chain sew a few pieces together, then add more to each section until I have a size that will accommodate my template

Step Two: Find a template and start cutting out a desired shape. Try the template on the piece in various directions. Wonky is good especially if most of your sewn scraps are straight pieces. Cut it out, and use any remaining pieces that are a decent size back in Step One.

Step Three: Unify! All the colors and patterns sometimes need to be reeled in. I took larger scraps to cut 1/2 square triangles and surrounded the piece I had cut out using the template.

Here’s what I have so far:

For my template: I used a small book and templates by Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilts in Ripon, Wisconsin. She has a scrap system for making quilts based on her 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, and 5 1/2″ templates. Her book has a wealth of information, and her templates are also available for purchase.

Where do I go from here with these? My plan is to then go into my stash, as my scrap bin no longer works for what I will need. I will look for something that has 2 to 3 yards, and will either find a pattern that calls out to me, or go with a solid. A sea of dots would work, nothing that is too direction specific. OR, I could use a scrappy light background. I will most likely add another round of 1/2 square triangles around each block that are all cut from this one fabric.

Till Later!







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