Scrapping Continues


This bin….


Hasn’t gone down very much! I have made 50  six inch squares with scraps and the bin doesn’t even look like it has been touched!! I posted about this just the other day here… I used this book

by Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilts as my inspiration, along with the associated templates.

The good thing about making up a quilt as you go is that you can decide when you have done enough of  something.

I have no set size in mind for this quilt. It could end up as a throw, or perhaps bigger. 50 squares was enough for me. Now I have gone back and am adding another row of neutrals in whites and off whites to border each square. So, I started by putting together scraps, then cut into 4 1/2″ squares using my template. Again from scraps, I cut 2 – 3 1/2″ squares which were then cut diagonally and sewn on around the original block. Those squares end up at about 6 inches. Now, I am taking a variety of neutrals and have cut out 100 4 1/2″ blocks. Cut diagonally. Now I am sewing these around the 6″ blocks.

Will this be too stark for me? Maybe. I may have to border this with either a busy border, or a pieced border. Time and my mood will tell.

Next week a very special and very little girl and I will meet. I will have something special to greet her with… this was the beginning of it…

Just a sneak peek for now…



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