My Time Has Come


Have you ever wanted something so much you dream about it, think about it during the day, and pretty much obsess about it?  That pretty much describes me and my dreams of a new sewing machine.  For the past 2 1/2 years I have been saving and dreaming of this new machine.  I got a flier and would look at it, I even visited it at the store.  Well, last week she came home.  I am so totally thrilled.  Let me introduce her to you.  She is an Elna Excellence 780 and she is simply awesome.

The picture just doesn’t do her justice.  I purchased her at a shop in Racine, Wisconsin called Sew N Save.  It is a wonderful shop, having machines on one side and a delightful quilt shop on the other.  The owner Jim seems to know most everyone by name and he really knows his machines.  He sells and services both Janine and Elna machines and was great to work with.  I’ll be taking a class on getting the most out of my machine soon and I can’t wait.  So now I need to start spending lots of time with this new machine I affectionately named Sassy.  Let the fun begin!


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