A Weekend of Many Treats!


As we check another year off of the calendar, we sometimes realized that life is not getting longer, but going the other direction!

What’s a girl to do? Eat dessert!

I brought treats for my coworkers on Friday. I was inspired by a display at the World Market to do so. A nostalgic display of Candy!! Mary Janes, Mike and Ikes, Lemonheads, Boston Baked Beans, Licorice, Cracker Jack, Chuckles, Red Hots and more! I loaded up my cart with some of these goodies and created a little Treat Bar at the office. Some were strong willed and resisted, while others returned a few times for treats!

An amazing lunch with Debbie T, meant Crème Brule for dessert, complete with a candle. Then in the evening my long awaited and anticipated Frozen Yogurt with Boba!

A Sweet Day! I generally don’t take pictures of food… but how awesome was all of that?

More Sewing on Saturday with my girl who actually nearly completed 3 pillows. This cute little one was made using the Disappearing Nine Patch method. I started her out with cutting squares and sewing them together to form her nine patch. Then we pulled up the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company… and watched her gasped when they cut up what they had just sewn!! She cut, arranged and stitched it all back together for a cute, wee little pillow!

All good!!


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