Quartered Stripes Quilts!


At a recent quilt guild meeting, we got to see many examples and a demo on these types of quilts. Simple really. Pick out a striped fabric you like and get to cutting and assembling.

This is a pretty quick sew and fun to see the results! 1.25 yards and perhaps a border will do a nice baby quilt. I had 3.5 yards and did a throw.

At guild, they were cutting the squares based on the pattern repeat of the fabric. I went another route and cut my squares based on this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. There are pluses to each technique and both have great results.

Below are a couple of shots of the original fabric and how it came together.


I did come back and add the giraffe border fabric also. It was a nice finishing touch.

I had shared the tutorial with my niece, and her daughter went to town making this.. Just a couple of hours in… She picked a perfect stripe for this! Dynamic!

and Luanne started this one… and was not liking it. I on the other hand did. She was going to relegate it to a “someday” pile. Last Saturday I just put it together as I like hers better than mine!!


Perhaps she will share a finished shot with us??????

Looking for a quick sew? This is it!



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