Good Things Do Come To Those That Wait!


At times it is so easy to just “get” something by never leaving our homes. We search on the net, bid on, or order something. With very little effort it arrives at out door. We of course most often pay the price for this instant gratification!

I collect vintage sewing machines… and generally I am pretty specific about what it is I acquire and bring into the fold. I don’t simply buy something because it is a deal OR even accept someone’s Grandmother’s machine. I have only so much space, time and desire for machines. What I own, I do try to use. Disclaimer*** I own a couple of treadles and have yet to work on them or use them. I most certainly want to! Guess I am intimidated a bit by a different type of bobbin/shuttle. Silly yes! I do keep all of my electric machines cleaned and oiled and try to rotate them into use.

A couple of my machines…

I have had a couple of machines on my radar… one of them being a White Singer Featherweight. I would love a 222 Featherweight, but recognize that it might never happen. So, my husband had been scouring Craigslist and E-bay to find the right machine. He would come to me with what he thought might be a “deal”. I on the other hand wanted a “DEAL”! A bargain. I am not looking to resell it and make a profit. So, I would say no and tell him it would happen. I do so appreciate his enabling…

And so, as I sat at my desk at the office one day, I see a text message pop up from an old friend. A friend who would quickly tell you that she does not like to sew at all. She will only do this out of necessity. She was at a rummage sale. There was a large machine for $50, and a small one for $25. Was I interested??? I could not call her fast enough to say BUY IT! Buy the little white machine!! This was the deal! It happened! She did not even know that this was something I was looking for!

We made the trek about 3 hours north to pick up this little beauty, not knowing if she even worked. I didn’t question that if she didn’t work, that we would make it happen. The extension table on the left was a little bent and did not want to fold up and down easily. The cord was in in great shape, so we plugged it in, and yes!! Light and Motor worked! There was a rattle… that we would troubleshoot later.

The side table was fixed, and so now, she is cleaned and oiled and ready to piece a quilt!! A Happy girl here! And so grateful for those who enable my love for these vintage beauties!

Can’t wait to get this stitching!!




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  1. Yes, good things come to those who wait. And they are worth waiting for. I am a self- proclaimed non sewer, but am intrigued with the many completed projects I’ve seen (not to mention the numerous WIP’s). Keep ’em coming!


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