Today was a rainy gloomy day here in Wisconsin.  It was a perfect day to head down to Sew N Save where I bought my machine and take a class on the ins and outs of this beautiful machine.  Anne was a wonderful teacher and spent close to two hours sitting down with me and answering any question I could throw at her.  I left today feeling quite comfortable with “Sassy”.  They made it clear I could call or come in with any question that may arise in the future. 

One area I have had a few issues with is free motion quilting.  I am trying to learn how to do heirloom quilting and have had a problem with thread breakage. I was using silk 100 weight and it is a little temperamental.   I brought this up today to Anne and together we decided to tweak a few things.  I did purchase another bobbin case that is made for maching quilting after trying it there with my silk thread and not getting any breakage with it.  I also found they had microtex needles which were recommended by the book I have been using to learn these techniques.   So those also came home with me.  I also came home with a few other threads to try.  My plan is to make a sampler of the different threads using the same material and batting and see how it goes. 

 Along with the silk i have been working with i will be trying these threads.  Left to right they are Konfetti by Wonderfil 50 wt, next is The Bottom Line by Superior Threads. This one is often times used as a bobbin thread, but can be used on top as well.  It is a 60 wt polyester.  The cream colored one is Deco-Bob by WonderFil and is an 80wt.  The final one shown here is called Invisafil also by WonderFil and that one is 100wt.  I will also add Aurafil 50wt which is my normal piecing thread.  I am really interested to see how all the different thread behave.  

Below is my learning piece that is done with the silk thread and wool batt.  The top fabric is a cotton/silk blend and has a nice shine to it.  
I will report back when I finish my experiment.  Now, back to the sewing room!


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