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On the Longarm, a Piecing Finish, and a New Start!



Because it just wouldn’t make sense to have one project in the works! I have many, in many stages! Currently on the longarm I have a quilt that I made using the “Bright Lights, Big City” pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book on Double Wedding Rings. I made a much smaller version than the book, and am not sure that I ever took a picture of it fully pieced. Here are a couple of shots along the way:

I currently have this one on the long arm. Suddenly, as in after I loaded this quilt on the frame, made the decision to try out ruler work. I have done pantos and a lot of free motion, and very little ruler work. It was time. I need practice. I need to figure this out. I have a long way to go, but am starting to catch on. I have to watch more videos and read more tips and tricks, but I am slowly making some progress. I am in awe of Jamie Wallen and Angela Walters… they make it look so easy! Every couple of days I head to the longarm and put some time in. If frustration sets in, I turn off the machine and walk away until next time. This will be a throw for on my bed, so no judges to impress, and I will not point out my mistakes! (and boy are there mistakes!)

For about a year and a half, I have been working on piecing this 60’s quilt. It is intended for more of a wallhanging/art piece. Luanne and I had taken a class last year at Paducah with Dianne Hire. I very slowly continued on with fabrics from my “fun drawer”. Stuff I love, and I buy it just because I love it! I have gradually put blocks and sections together and only this last Sunday added the final borders. I think this will be a fun one to quilt! Kind of wavy gravy    

And next up… the BWR!! Luanne gave the intro to it. We really did have such a great time on our Collaboration quilts…



In the end, we could not even remember who had made some of the blocks. The camaraderie of this was great. Sharing styles and techniques broadened both of our horizons.

As Luanne said, we have a grid of sections we are working on to make a generous queen sized quilt. All in Black, White and Red!! Luanne stated we were currently working on our “A” sections. The ideas is.. we each fill the section we are working on our own way. No rules other than it has to be a 20 x30 inch piece. Here is a shot of the A section:

and kind of where I am at…

I am working with the Lazy Angle Ruler by Creative Grids. Love to mess with the different templates. Of course I cannot find the picture of the pieced area that I did get completed. So, I will save that for next time!!!




Summers End and New Beginnings


Here we are, the end of August is here and summer is pretty much over. I for one, had a good and very busy summer. Time was spent with grandkids and the general business of the season. Not much time was spent in the sewing room. Pam and I did get together a few weeks ago to do some hand stitching outside at a park. Her wonderful husband even delivered some ice cream to us! We both feel the need to take more time together sewing and enjoying each others company.

Some time ago we worked on our friendship collaboration quilts, both of us working on both quilts. To this day that is one of my favorite quilts. Pam recently suggested working on another one. Again we will both work on both quilts, but she came up with a different format. As handy as Pam is, she quickly came up with a pattern of sorts. We decided on a size and Pam divided it into many sections and labeled the sections. We will each come up with our own design for filling each section. This time the color scheme will be the same, black, white and red. I will from now on refer to the quilt as my BWR quilt. Each of us went to our own stash and pulled fabrics and put them in little totes. I bought a spiral notebook and am intending to journal my way through the quilt, noting thoughts and ideas as I go. Both of us have begun section A1 on our own quilts. When we get done we will switch and work on A2. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with an idea for what to do. The section will be 20×30 inches. I pulled out books and looked at blocks that finished at 5 inches, but none of them got me excited. Finally I decided to print up some graph paper and just start playing with drawing lines. Half square triangles were the route I went this time. I pulled out my thangles and started to sew.

Tommorow I plan to start assembling the section. This new project is very exciting and fun to work on. There are many more irons in the fire that I will share with you as I work on them. So, as the summer comes to an end, there are new amd exciting things going on in my sewing room!