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Chaos before the beautiful calm, this is where my life is right now. I want so much to be in my sewing room relaxing and creating. I have a list a mile long that needs to be done before Christmas, yet I can’t get much done. Construction has continued at my house. The whole thing got new plumbing, which meant a ceiling had to be taken out. We also had a new tub and shower put in an upstairs bathroom, along with turning a small bedroom into my master suite bathroom. This means there is a new hole in my bedroom wall going into the new bathroom. Everything is moving along nicely with a few unexpected twists, such as a bat flying around the livingroom. I don’t do bats. I promptly packed up and stayed elsewhere until said bat was removed and released back outside where it belonged. Add to this making a new desk for my sewing table. Pam found a desk at a resale shop that lends itself to a wonderful sewing desk. My son came over last night to see what the project entailed and will cut a hole and build a shelf on it so my machine can be dropped in and I can have a nice flat sewing surface. In the meantime I have cleaned out my old desk and have piles in my sewing room. Needless to say not much sewing is getting done. Soon, everything will come together and it will be beautiful and I will be happily sitting in my sewing room with peace and order around me. Until then there is a binding that is calling me to hand stitch it down before guild next week. I will try and relax with that this weekend.


Quilt Expo II


I too had an awesome time with this fun group of women! So, much laughter!

We were a creative bunch as well when it came to our food for the day. Debbie made an awesome breakfast for in the car! Mandarin oranges and a mini bratwurst quiche! Lunch: Jar pasta salads loaded with good stuff from pasta and chicken to spinach. Fruit and Rice Krispie Treats for dessert! Awesome!! Dinner was at a Longhorn Steakhouse which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Lion King Exhibit was also my favorite!! And I have a bunch of pictures to share. How do you pick a favorite? I could not. They were all amazing! So much talent and creativity! So very grateful that I got to see this!

All, so very well done!! These were just SOME of them!

A couple of treasures of fabric followed me home. No gadgets or templates sucked me in this time.. I did pick up a pattern that stood out to me for a Diva Wallet. Versatile and so cute! Read about it here. Do, stop there and look! So many wonderful patterns!!




Quilt Expo


Quilt shows are so good for motivation. You are surrounded by other people passionate about what you are, there are vendors carrying all those beautiful fabrics that lure us in, and of course there are the quilts.

Yesterday Pam, her daughter Tori, and another friend of ours Deb hopped in the car and headed to Madison. I don’t remember the last time I laughed as much as I did during our time together. It was good for the soul.

My favorite exhibt this year was the Lion King challenge put on by Cherrywood fabrics. They were small wall quilts that were absolutely awesome. I wish I could post pictures. The talent these quiltmakers have truely humbles me. You can check it out here

I made a few purchases that I am excited about. There is some real fun fabric made with sequins that I bought from the Vouge booth. I’m not quite sure what I will do with it yet, but it will turn into a gift for my daughter Mahrya, perhaps a pillow.

Olfa has come out with a rotary blade that is supposed to last twice as long as their other blade. I’ll let you know what I think after I try it.

I also picked up some fabric for the BWR collaboration quilt. We made the exchange for that and will soon be starting on section A2.

I would love to spend the day in my sewing room, but today will be spent with family celebrating my grandson Jason’s 4th birthday. Sewing will wait as we have fun with this wonderful little boy.

There is much going on at my house that has the potential to keep me from sewing.

We are remodeling the old bathroom, and turning a small bedroom into a new bathroom. These guys are working hard and fast to get it done. We were without water Friday and part of Saturday. Lucky for me all I needed to do is ask Pam if we could have a sleepover friday night and I was good to go! Thanks Pam!!

As I close I ask you to keep FL in your prayers as Irma hits them today and in the time after as the clean up takes place.


Madison Bound!


The quilt show is happening right now in Madison! Don’t worry we will are heading that way tomorrow!


Myself, Luanne, our friend Debbie and my Daughter Tori. I am not sure about Debbie, but am pretty positive that my daughter will become quite wide eyed at the vast selection of quilts and products that she will come face to face with .

We are planning to see the Cherrywood Fabrics, Lion King Travelling exhibit as well. Can’t wait.

(T-shirts with the above and more can be found here)

Any special must have products….? Well I am intrigued by a new Rotary cutter. I am thinking that I would like a Kai 60mm rotary cutter. Aside from that, some of the latest gadgets will lure me in! Really just plain looking forward to a fun day with the ladies.

My daughter is just at the beginning of the quilting journey. This last Monday we got some time at the machines. Scrap sewing. We did some random scrap sewing. She was very pleased to have some pieces she made that will go into a future quilted table topper or whatever else.  At this point, she would like to make a Grateful Dead inspired quilt. This could be a lot of fun! Fun, funky fabric, tie dyed, and perhaps some t-shirts…

More to share after our outing..


Section One BWR


I am having a great weekend here. Spending time in my sewing room makes for a wonderful relaxing weekend. On top of my priority list was to finish section A1 of my BWR (black, white and red). I love getting things accomplished. Here it is, and I must say I am quite happy with the way it turned out.

I will now pack it up in its tote, along with all the fabric I pulled for it, and get it to Pam. She will design A2 and add it to this piece. The big day for the exchange is next Saturday when we will go to the Quilt Expo in Madison. I love that show, it always makes me want to hurry home and sew! Now, what to do until then….I think I will finish a baby quilt top I have been working on, and hopefully work a little on the sashing for the Block of the Month I need to finish up. Who knows what new treasures will be found next weekend at the vendors in Madison!!


A New Quilt Start


Off on the next Collaborative adventure!

We have both talked about it, now to put it into action!!

We have a grid with various sections of varying sizes. In the end it will be a queen sized quilt.

It is up to each of us to complete a section with whatever we choose using the Black, White and Red Fabrics.

We then pack it and all our fabrics in a bin and pass it off to each other.

We create the next section, and add it to the previously finished section.. and so on until the quilt is complete.

Section A1 is 20 x 30 inches.

My fabric choices so far…

And my progress…


And so now.. I am feeling a bit stuck. I am needing to do a section 10 x 20 inches to go along the bottom of this. I was thinking 2 Lemoyne stars, or one and something else. I have cut the stars, but am not sure yet if they inspire me.

Recap:  Lazy Angle ruler by creative grids for the nine patch, wide red borders, and then I used my Accuquilt circle die to cut my circles.

Off to figure this out!