Madison Bound!


The quilt show is happening right now in Madison! Don’t worry we will are heading that way tomorrow!


Myself, Luanne, our friend Debbie and my Daughter Tori. I am not sure about Debbie, but am pretty positive that my daughter will become quite wide eyed at the vast selection of quilts and products that she will come face to face with .

We are planning to see the Cherrywood Fabrics, Lion King Travelling exhibit as well. Can’t wait.

(T-shirts with the above and more can be found here)

Any special must have products….? Well I am intrigued by a new Rotary cutter. I am thinking that I would like a Kai 60mm rotary cutter. Aside from that, some of the latest gadgets will lure me in! Really just plain looking forward to a fun day with the ladies.

My daughter is just at the beginning of the quilting journey. This last Monday we got some time at the machines. Scrap sewing. We did some random scrap sewing. She was very pleased to have some pieces she made that will go into a future quilted table topper or whatever else.  At this point, she would like to make a Grateful Dead inspired quilt. This could be a lot of fun! Fun, funky fabric, tie dyed, and perhaps some t-shirts…

More to share after our outing..


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