Chaos before the beautiful calm, this is where my life is right now. I want so much to be in my sewing room relaxing and creating. I have a list a mile long that needs to be done before Christmas, yet I can’t get much done. Construction has continued at my house. The whole thing got new plumbing, which meant a ceiling had to be taken out. We also had a new tub and shower put in an upstairs bathroom, along with turning a small bedroom into my master suite bathroom. This means there is a new hole in my bedroom wall going into the new bathroom. Everything is moving along nicely with a few unexpected twists, such as a bat flying around the livingroom. I don’t do bats. I promptly packed up and stayed elsewhere until said bat was removed and released back outside where it belonged. Add to this making a new desk for my sewing table. Pam found a desk at a resale shop that lends itself to a wonderful sewing desk. My son came over last night to see what the project entailed and will cut a hole and build a shelf on it so my machine can be dropped in and I can have a nice flat sewing surface. In the meantime I have cleaned out my old desk and have piles in my sewing room. Needless to say not much sewing is getting done. Soon, everything will come together and it will be beautiful and I will be happily sitting in my sewing room with peace and order around me. Until then there is a binding that is calling me to hand stitch it down before guild next week. I will try and relax with that this weekend.


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