A Tale of Two Desks…


or really three desks! Luanne and I have some desk history….

The old story goes like this…Over 30 years ago I bought a desk from my Mom’s friends husband. He was a lawyer and it was from his firm. It was a big old desk and had great storage. Not long after the purchase, I was going to move and Luanne’s Dad bought the desk. Luanne in turn ended up with the desk I believe when her Dad moved. Now, Luanne and I were out of contact for a long while after high school. So, when we reconnected and started quilting together, I came to her house to sew. I did not know that she had the desk and used it to sew on. I recognized it right away.

and the new story…. I had purchased a new Elna sewing machine (roughly 2 + years ago) that I ultimately wanted to drop down into a desk so that the bed of the machine would be level with the desk. My husband found a big old desk that lived in a bank during its first life. Together we measured, cut a hole and routed the edge for the acrylic surround of the machine. We put a shelf below for the machine to sit on. The desk had some wear, so it was sanded and stained. The beast has great storage and will need to be taken apart to get it out of the room! So, fast forward… Luanne got her Elna sewing machine this summer. Again, my husband and myself found a desk almost identical to mine at a second hand store. Luanne wanted it for her machine. Her son cut, routed and added a shelf. And here is what she has….


Such a nice set up… and clear workspace! Looks beautiful!

I did warn her that this could happen….

Guess it’s clean up time for me!


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