Pam and Luanne

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Luanne Eckert

I have always had the desire to create things.  When I was a little girl, I would get into my father’s workshop to cut wood and nail it together, and then of course paint it.  My mother was a very good seamstress, making clothes for my sister and me.  I remember following her through clothing stores as she touched and felt all the different fabrics that we passed.  I have fond memories of being taken to the fabric stores with her.

Back then of course, I thought that was a horrible outing to take a little girl on.  I hadn’t yet learned to appreciate the wonderful world of fabric, but the seeds had been planted.  It was about middle school that I began to have a desire to sew.  I took home ec classes and started making some of my own clothes.

In high school my best friend Pam and I took home ec together, and I was drawn even deeper into sewing.  I made my very first quilt while in high school.  It was nothing pieced, just two pieces of flannel with a batting, and a ruffle border.  I tied it, and gave it as a baby gift. I moved on with life.

Getting married and having 6 children kept me busy.  While I had four little ones at home, I struggled with the need to accomplish something that stayed done, not like laundry, cooking, and cleaning. I needed to create something and have that feeling of accomplishment.  My mother had moved on from sewing clothes to making quilts, and for my 30th birthday, her gift to me was to get me all the supplies I needed to begin what would become my passion.  My first pieced quilt that my mother taught me to do was a double Irish chain.  I was hooked.  I have not stopped quilting in the 20 something years since that time.

Pam Weiss

I began my sewing and fiber arts journey at an early age. I grew up with a Mother and Grandmother who most always could be found with some type of needle in hand or creating something beautiful and useful at a sewing machine. To my Mom’s dismay, I was taken by that wonderful machine and all the dials and knobs (and yes I turned them!) and maybe, just maybe, that is reason for some of the repairs. My older sister and best friend has also been a part of my creative endeavors, and partner in visiting quilt shops!

My journey started with doll clothes, and I have moved from there to household items, clothing for myself and my daughters and my love for quilting. I have quilted off and on for the last thirty plus years. In the last 4 years, my path has become one of a passion for the art, and learning to “stitch outside the lines”. I love color and design, and the possibilities and challenges that they continue to present.  I like to quilt intuitively and spontaneously, and find myself most comfortable when not following a pattern.

I am blessed to have two amazing daughters, and two awesome sons, through marriage to my very supportive and wonderful husband. They, as well as their spouses, are all a very  special talented and creative bunch.

Our Collaboration:

We have been friends forever! Well, certainly most of our lives.  We met when we were in the 5th grade. All through middle school and high school, there were shenanigans! After leaving high school, we eventually lost contact. We both had families and lived in different states. Then, one wonderful day, probably after 20 years had passed, Pam ventured into a quilt shop, and who do you think was working there? Her best friend Luanne! We eventually started quilting together. There is still a lot of laughter (and  shenanigans) in our shared road trips to quilt shows, shops and quilting sessions. Luanne has made Pam a better quilter through encouraging her to be more accurate, and learn new techniques. At the same time Pam has opened Luanne’s eyes to all the possibilities outside of the pattern and to embrace new and exciting ideas.

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