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In an effort to get out of the driveway this morning, it took both of us (my husband and I) to scrape the car windows. More denial going on, and I am not alone in it this time… the ice scrapers were not in the car, but still in the garage. The car, rather than being in the garage overnight was in the drive covered in a layer of frost. I used an old debit card… worked great!

We are slowly thinking about this winter thing, while others are miles ahead. Some bundles of wood were bought and placed in front of the fireplace. Gloves and a winter coat are also being worn. But the scarf I just bought is at home laying on the counter. Oh well!

My Grandson loves pancakes… but Grandma did not make them for him… instead I made “Pam-Cakes”! And seeing as how my name is Pam, well you get it… Gluten free and made from almond flour.


I had it in my head yesterday morning that I would quickly load a small quilt on the longarm. Then later in the day I would try to get it quilted. Our quilt guild has a challenge going on called “The Purrect Challenge”.  A woman in the area had a lot of cat fabric that she donated to our guild, with the idea that it would go toward making items for charity. And so many items from pet mats, to pillow cases and little quilts and more have been in the works.

I happened to have a stack of apple core pieces that I had previously cut from my scrap bin. Every now and again I want to whittle down that unruly mess of scraps. So, I used the cat fabrics amongst my scraps and put together a 45″ x 45″ quilt. Lots of color and variety, and I think it turned out pretty cute. I loaded the quilt while the rest of the household was occupied. And then I thought… if I could just get a start on the quilting until they discover that I am missing….  Well, I did a basic large meander on this quilt and in no time was on the last row. That is when I was found out! My grandson watched closely and asked questions while I moved along with the very fast stitching. The binding has been sewn to the edge and I just need to handstitch the binding to the back. That is the part I enjoy a great deal! Love doing binding.

If you haven’t tried curved piecing… don’t be intimidated!! I don’t pin like crazy. Three pins at the most. Sew slowly, use a stylus to help keep things lined up. The Accuquilt die I used had notches to help keep things lined up, as well as using care and matching seams.

I have one other quilt that I am finishing the binding on! Two in one week! Big time fun!