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Thick Rain…


was falling from the sky when I left for work this morning. I will have to admit here that I am in denial about it all. The real word for it is SLEET! I have lived in Wisconsin almost all of my life and I am pretending that winter is not going to happen. Must be a coping skill. I have yet to pull out a winter coat. It was enough to pull out socks! I would much rather wear flip flops all the time. I believe I will need to go coat shopping. Every year, I tell myself that I will get a new coat, and then I just kind of make do with what I have.

Aside from that there has been a good deal of productive sewing. Some Christmas items. Below is my current project.

Beautiful and fun fabrics. The light fabric…I just have no clue or idea where or when I got that. It works great in this project!

Again, I pulled out the Squedge 22.5 ruler to make a table center. I was not so sure how the stripe would work out, but I am very pleased with the outcome. I still need to applique a circle at the center, and do the finishing work. For this piece I will layer batting, backing right side up and pieced top, face down. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, I cut around the top piece to cut the layers. I will stitch leaving an opening, flip, top stitch the edges and then do a little more straight stitching to hold it all together. Oh, and a great deal of steam and Best Press.



I still have all of the finishing to do, but this should not take too long! Very pleased with the results!

The pattern itself can be found on the site where they also sell the rulers: phillipsfiberart.com

Perhaps working with all these bright colors keeps me from thinking about the upcoming season and that four letter word…SNOW!

Have a bright day!