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A Bright Finish


Early in the year, are quilt Guild issued a UFO challenge. I made a list of about a dozen items, thinking that I would be able to accomplish maybe half of them. Well it turns out that that was an ambitious goal. I got two done this year so far. I do have one more month to go, and a couple of simple projects that I would be able to knock out. So, I have showed pictures of my bright lights big city quilt in its various stages. I can honestly say that I finally have it quilted and bound and it is complete!

I blogged about it way back in August of 2015… and am unable to add the link!! Ugh! As I recall, I don’t think it took a long time to piece this. I guess the quilts just need to age a bit before being quilted. So, a few pictures, and then the finish…

The corner units on Bright Lights Big City are paper pieced. The template is found in this book… I love to use a design wall, and slowly build a project… changing out placement until it feels just right. These fabrics at the time were a bit out of my comfort zone, and it looking back, I sure mixed them up and made it work!

You can see that each of the four units made consists of four pieced corners and a center. To keep some consistency in the quilt I kept the “V” shaped sections, and the very center all a bright pink. The centers in each of the four sections is also in a polka dot. Sewing curves? Not so hard. Victoria gives great direction in doing this kind of piecing.

And so then… not long after my piecing was completed, I picked up a great backing from a clearance bolt found at a shop in Minnesota. Together… once I mixed the two into a bag, they marinated – for a couple of years!! Then, onto the longarm they went! I was feeling bold and brave enough to really try to do some ruler work. I can point out all my flaws and mistakes, but for the most part, no one else would unless they really analyzed it. On the whole, I came a long way with it. I don’t longarm often enough to really feel like I “have it” down. But, I progress slowly!



And for now this beauty rests on the back of a chair by the fireplace. I envision myself there some winter day by the fire in my big overstuffed chair, reading while covered with this!

And there will be tea…



The Mystery of the Missing Parts and Sewing Some Curves


For the most part I would have to say that it was a very quiet and productive weekend. I did not end up working on what I had fully intended to…and sometimes that happens! I thought that I would spend the majority of 2 days sewing and quilting on the longarm. As is turns out this overwhelming desire to clean out my kitchen cabinets took over. The cabinets I have avoided for so long.. it happened! What a sense of satisfaction! Ya just have to go with it when the mood hits, because it might not happen for a long, long time! In the midst of my work, I must have gone into my sewing room and accidentally left this pet gate open:


I do not have puppies, but at times they certainly act like it. I see pictures that other quilters post of their beloved cats and dogs laying in their scraps and on their quilts. Curious cats at sewing machines. Dogs laying frightfully close to the foot pedal for the sewing machine. A companion in the sewing room. NOT! Not my dogs for this reason: 4 parts went missing! One was so soggy that it went into the trash, and another was pretty gross and distorted. See the good and the bad:


2 gone forever! And the culprit is right here:


She is a sweet girl, but can’t resist Kleenex, paper towel, toilet paper, napkins… and my fabric! While I don’t want my pieces to go missing, I am more concerned about what it could do to her intestines. This is something I take seriously as I have had a dog get into the laundry hamper, eat something that wrapped itself around her intestines, and we lost her. So, the gate is not there because I don’t want to share my space with my pets. It is there because I can’t share the space for their own good! Too mischievous!

On Sunday I was able to continue working on my Christmas Quilt.


This involved sewing some curves. My 1935 Featherweight works so well on curves!

I made 4 blocks like this:


These are for corners on a quilt border. At one point I took all 4 blocks and put them on my design wall. I liked the combination of the blocks together and the new design they form. I like it so much that I intend to do this on a future quilt! I think they would make a great center.


Grateful for a nice weekend!


This Just Finished and Coming Off the Wall!



This was a start a few weeks ago: On the Wall at Pam’s House

There are 16 sections like the one above that I made to make this into a nice sized throw.


Well, somehow over the last couple of weeks I have made significant progress. Once you get used to sewing curves and using a few tricks in regard to doing so, it becomes a fairly easy process. That is not to say that I never have to pull out that seam ripper, because that would not be true!


I chose bold and large polka dot centers for each of the 4 rings. Then I added in a bright orange and purple print for the very center as well as the 4 arcs to finish off the sides where the rings intersect. There is a lot going on in this quilt, and while I do have repeats of some of the fabrics, I felt the need to tie it all together in a couple of ways:

  • the outside corners all have a brown base
  • the inside center corners all have the deep purple base
  • the centers of all the rings have the same polka dot fabric
  • the very center and outside arcs are the same bright orange

The space and layout of my room doesn’t really allow for the best angles and such for picture taking. I am pleased to say though that the piecing is done!


Now I am thinking about the backing and how I will quilt this!! Both could be a lot of fun!

Next on my mind is always… what will I make next???? I am already working that one out! I have a bunch of random pieces and blocks that are started. Looks like a “Kitchen Sink” quilt will be in order!

Until next time!