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Quilt Expo II


I too had an awesome time with this fun group of women! So, much laughter!

We were a creative bunch as well when it came to our food for the day. Debbie made an awesome breakfast for in the car! Mandarin oranges and a mini bratwurst quiche! Lunch: Jar pasta salads loaded with good stuff from pasta and chicken to spinach. Fruit and Rice Krispie Treats for dessert! Awesome!! Dinner was at a Longhorn Steakhouse which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Lion King Exhibit was also my favorite!! And I have a bunch of pictures to share. How do you pick a favorite? I could not. They were all amazing! So much talent and creativity! So very grateful that I got to see this!

All, so very well done!! These were just SOME of them!

A couple of treasures of fabric followed me home. No gadgets or templates sucked me in this time.. I did pick up a pattern that stood out to me for a Diva Wallet. Versatile and so cute! Read about it here. Do, stop there and look! So many wonderful patterns!!