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A Bright Finish


Early in the year, are quilt Guild issued a UFO challenge. I made a list of about a dozen items, thinking that I would be able to accomplish maybe half of them. Well it turns out that that was an ambitious goal. I got two done this year so far. I do have one more month to go, and a couple of simple projects that I would be able to knock out. So, I have showed pictures of my bright lights big city quilt in its various stages. I can honestly say that I finally have it quilted and bound and it is complete!

I blogged about it way back in August of 2015… and am unable to add the link!! Ugh! As I recall, I don’t think it took a long time to piece this. I guess the quilts just need to age a bit before being quilted. So, a few pictures, and then the finish…

The corner units on Bright Lights Big City are paper pieced. The template is found in this book… I love to use a design wall, and slowly build a project… changing out placement until it feels just right. These fabrics at the time were a bit out of my comfort zone, and it looking back, I sure mixed them up and made it work!

You can see that each of the four units made consists of four pieced corners and a center. To keep some consistency in the quilt I kept the “V” shaped sections, and the very center all a bright pink. The centers in each of the four sections is also in a polka dot. Sewing curves? Not so hard. Victoria gives great direction in doing this kind of piecing.

And so then… not long after my piecing was completed, I picked up a great backing from a clearance bolt found at a shop in Minnesota. Together… once I mixed the two into a bag, they marinated – for a couple of years!! Then, onto the longarm they went! I was feeling bold and brave enough to really try to do some ruler work. I can point out all my flaws and mistakes, but for the most part, no one else would unless they really analyzed it. On the whole, I came a long way with it. I don’t longarm often enough to really feel like I “have it” down. But, I progress slowly!



And for now this beauty rests on the back of a chair by the fireplace. I envision myself there some winter day by the fire in my big overstuffed chair, reading while covered with this!

And there will be tea…



On the Longarm, a Piecing Finish, and a New Start!



Because it just wouldn’t make sense to have one project in the works! I have many, in many stages! Currently on the longarm I have a quilt that I made using the “Bright Lights, Big City” pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book on Double Wedding Rings. I made a much smaller version than the book, and am not sure that I ever took a picture of it fully pieced. Here are a couple of shots along the way:

I currently have this one on the long arm. Suddenly, as in after I loaded this quilt on the frame, made the decision to try out ruler work. I have done pantos and a lot of free motion, and very little ruler work. It was time. I need practice. I need to figure this out. I have a long way to go, but am starting to catch on. I have to watch more videos and read more tips and tricks, but I am slowly making some progress. I am in awe of Jamie Wallen and Angela Walters… they make it look so easy! Every couple of days I head to the longarm and put some time in. If frustration sets in, I turn off the machine and walk away until next time. This will be a throw for on my bed, so no judges to impress, and I will not point out my mistakes! (and boy are there mistakes!)

For about a year and a half, I have been working on piecing this 60’s quilt. It is intended for more of a wallhanging/art piece. Luanne and I had taken a class last year at Paducah with Dianne Hire. I very slowly continued on with fabrics from my “fun drawer”. Stuff I love, and I buy it just because I love it! I have gradually put blocks and sections together and only this last Sunday added the final borders. I think this will be a fun one to quilt! Kind of wavy gravy    

And next up… the BWR!! Luanne gave the intro to it. We really did have such a great time on our Collaboration quilts…



In the end, we could not even remember who had made some of the blocks. The camaraderie of this was great. Sharing styles and techniques broadened both of our horizons.

As Luanne said, we have a grid of sections we are working on to make a generous queen sized quilt. All in Black, White and Red!! Luanne stated we were currently working on our “A” sections. The ideas is.. we each fill the section we are working on our own way. No rules other than it has to be a 20 x30 inch piece. Here is a shot of the A section:

and kind of where I am at…

I am working with the Lazy Angle Ruler by Creative Grids. Love to mess with the different templates. Of course I cannot find the picture of the pieced area that I did get completed. So, I will save that for next time!!!




Wisconsin Quilt Museum Exhibit


In a few short weeks, this exhibit will be closing at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. wpid-20150710_070654.jpg

It has been great fun to have my quilts for the first time ever as part of an exhibit. It has also been fun to travel to various quilt shops in Wisconsin, and see the poster for the exhibit on their bulletin boards and know that I am a part of that!

Being a part of this challenged me in a number of ways… the machine quilting for one! Meeting a deadline, especially since I didn’t know I could even accomplish the quilting aspect. The quilt “Inspire” started as a block in a 15 Minutes of Play (Victoria Findlay Wolfe) class. It then inspired me to create a quilt around it. In making “Inspire” it really helped me to define my process in how I design. Some people sit with graph paper, or a design program and can create a quilt. That process just doesn’t work for me. I seem to get stuck.  I create as I go. This can involve a lot of time staring at something, walking away and letting it alone, and even starting in one direction only to have it do a 180 by the time I am done! I have learned to start  things… with no finished size in mind, no idea of how many and what borders, number of blocks and so on. There is no quick quilting, but a lot of enjoying of the process!! wpid-20150719_132709.jpg

My second quilt – “For Rose” was created to honor my Mom. I have always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I felt that it was perhaps outside of my reach skill wise. Not really. Victoria Findlay Wolfe broke it down in her book and class on Double Wedding Rings Made Modern. Curves? Bring them on!! wpid-20150719_134815.jpg

The exhibit ends on October 18th. I am so glad to have extended myself this year by stepping outside my comfort zone! Who knows what I will put myself up to next??

For now though, the simple addition of a McCall’s Pattern Cabinet to my sewing room threw things into a state of disarray. Very soon, the reorganizing will be done, and I will have a much nicer and more functional place to work! Perhaps a tour will be in order!

Enjoy the day!


This Just Finished and Coming Off the Wall!



This was a start a few weeks ago: On the Wall at Pam’s House

There are 16 sections like the one above that I made to make this into a nice sized throw.


Well, somehow over the last couple of weeks I have made significant progress. Once you get used to sewing curves and using a few tricks in regard to doing so, it becomes a fairly easy process. That is not to say that I never have to pull out that seam ripper, because that would not be true!


I chose bold and large polka dot centers for each of the 4 rings. Then I added in a bright orange and purple print for the very center as well as the 4 arcs to finish off the sides where the rings intersect. There is a lot going on in this quilt, and while I do have repeats of some of the fabrics, I felt the need to tie it all together in a couple of ways:

  • the outside corners all have a brown base
  • the inside center corners all have the deep purple base
  • the centers of all the rings have the same polka dot fabric
  • the very center and outside arcs are the same bright orange

The space and layout of my room doesn’t really allow for the best angles and such for picture taking. I am pleased to say though that the piecing is done!


Now I am thinking about the backing and how I will quilt this!! Both could be a lot of fun!

Next on my mind is always… what will I make next???? I am already working that one out! I have a bunch of random pieces and blocks that are started. Looks like a “Kitchen Sink” quilt will be in order!

Until next time!


Exciting bits!!

Exciting bits!!

Since starting this blog I have shared two of my quilt finishes. Both of these special quilts had their beginnings in a Victoria Findlay Wolfe Class at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilting and Fiber Arts. The first class 15 Minutes of Play, was the start of this block:wpid-a-star.gif.gif


This block led to 8 more blocks! Because I just Couldn’t get enough of the “Y” seams! LOL! I put in 4 pre printed panels that needed to find a home. I had never set a quilt on the diagonal before. It required a bit of filling, and so I made that up as I went along.




Then there was the border. Another opportunity to use up scraps! In the end, this is how the quilt finished.


This last January I took a Double wedding Ring class from Victoria . wpid-20150217_082247.jpgwpid-2015-02-16-07.21.57.png.png

wpid-20150215_220159.jpgTwo days of learning to master sewing curves and working out my design. I was marrying some 1980’s fabrics with current fabric selections. A quilt started by Mom as well as a quilt started by me in the 80’s . Good memories of us sewing together. Mom’s favorites: Cardinals, angels, knitting, She was a woman of faith. All of these things were incorporated into this quilt called “For Rose”.  My Mom, named Millie, was named “Rose” by my daughter Sarah when she was about 2 years old. It stuck. This quilt is quilted throughout with a Rose design.wpid-dwr-for-rose-quilt.jpg.jpeg

The exciting news is that both of the quilts were entered into the Wisconsin Biennale Exhibit at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum and will be a part of an exhibit for Wisconsin artists from July 16 through the early part of October.

What an exciting opportunity this is for me and it makes me think that I am very ready to start another quilt!



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Sew Close! and Yet Sew Far!



Very close to being finished with machine quilting a queen sized quilt! So close. It was nearing time to head to bed. I am on the home stretch of the 12″ wide border, and am free motion quilting this beast on my new sewing machine. A couple of months ago, I took the plunge and bought an Elna 760 sewing machine. There are so many features that I have not even begun to learn on this machine. My priority has been to get this quilt complete. This is the largest quilt I have ever quilted myself on a domestic sewing machine. The wider throat space makes this oh so much easier!

Back to the story…. I had about 36 inches yet to quilt on the border, and then this happened:

wpid-20150408_214551.jpgThe batting had flipped over to the back side of the quilt and I kept quilting away. I was pretty fortunate that it was only about 2- 1/2 inches in from the edge, and about 6 inches of length before I noticed the situation. Not really worth getting upset over. Could have been much worse. Out came the seam ripper!! While finishing the quilting maybe would have taken a half hour, it was just too late. Perhaps this is a reminder that instead of racing to the finish line on this, I should savor and enjoy the last bits of the process on this quilt.

wpid-20150408_214604.jpgSo tonight, I will be slowing things down, quilting the last bit, and moving on to binding! Can’t wait to sew on the binding. There is something so satisfying about adding that finishing touch!


Double Wedding Ring Part 2


The class was fantastic, and even though I didn’t fully know where I was going with this I was excited to keep at it.
The idea of the class was that you would create a quilt by making four rings that would then be mounted to a complementary background fabric. I kind of felt that my story with this quilt called out for something larger, and more use of the blocks and fabric I had.  So I decided to make this 9 rings. 
I just kept working section by section and the process of sewing curves became more natural. My earlier attempts were not nearly so successful but with the great instruction that the class provided, I was able to move my skills forward.   


There were some spaces that cried out for some kind of detail and this is where I added in some crazy quilt stitches on my sewing machine. I did different stitches in colors pulled from the quilt.


I free motion quilted the various spaces on the quilt.  My daughter’s always called my Mom Rose even though her name was Millie. There are many roses quilted into the rings of this little quilt. 
And then there was a bump on the head…
After quilting and leaving a trail of thread debris under my desk.  I got down on the floor to clean to clean a bit, and on my way back up my head made contact with this shelf.  Don’t ever let it be said that a quilter does not suffer for their art!


Double Wedding Ring Part 3 coming soon!

Double Wedding Ring Part 1



I have forever and always wanted to learn to make a double wedding ring quilt. I never really took the time to figure it out though. Then, some great circumstances all came together to make learning this in a creative way possible. First Victoria Findlay Wolfe was coming out with a new Book: “Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Traditions Made Modern”

And Second: The Wisconsin Quilt Museum was hosting Victoria to teach a 2 day class this past January. After already having taken the 15 Minutes of Play workshop in 2014, I eagerly signed up.

It occurred to me that I could make this a very special quilt in honor and memory of my very special Mom. She created and instilled in me my love for all things sewing and knitting. Many years ago we were sewing together, she on Dresden Quilt blocks to make a quilt for me, and I was working on a twin sized quilt for my daughter. Sadly neither of these quilts were ever finished. I incorporated one of the blocks my Mom made at the center of my DWR, and took a “Cut It Up”  approach (a Victoria thing!) to the other quilt and pulled various elements out for this quilt. Keep in mind that these were fabrics from the 80’s! Remember? Sage Green, Dusty Rose, Williamsburg Blue, Peach. Dated fabrics, and really not a favorite anymore. How could I make them work today? I pulled and purchase modern fabrics that had some of these colors, which also pulled in other colors. These new fabrics were bolder in scale and color.

Below is the start to my quilt on the design at class.


There were many talented women in this group, each making a unique DWR. They were all so different. Victoria was there to help each of us find our way and using her Creative Eyes, she helped us tweak our creations.




Enjoy the Day and Look for Part 2!


Under The Needle


Coming Soon!
Under the needle right now I have the last bit of quilting on a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  Victoria Findlay Wolfe called this a “Heart Strings” Quilt.  I was fortunate tho take her class at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum in January.  Reveal coming soon!


Another sneak peek….


Binding soon.

Until then,